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Saint Peter’s Basilica

This visit of Saint Peter’s Basilica is entirely dedicated to discover the world famous temple of Christianity. This tour will take you through 2000 years of history, unveiling legends, stories and secrets of 2000 years of papacy.

Visit of Saint Peter's Basilica: the Program

We will start together from St. Peter’s Square and after passing the security checks, we will enter to admire the majesty of the Basilica. Discovering the tombs of  Popes, you’ll be listening to my history of the Church, starting from Jesus Christ and his beloved Apostle Peter, the stone upon with he would build his church.

I will tell you their stories their secrets without passing by world famous works of art guarded there such as Michelangelo’s Pieta or Bernini’s Baldachin. The main level of the church is also the one where you’ll see the tombs of modern Popes such as John Paul the II and John the XXIII.

We will complete the visit with the Vatican Grottoes, one level down, where tombs of ancient and mediaeval Popes are. The access to this lower level is possible from inside the Basilica. We will descend through a narrow staircase in order to be as close as possible to the tomb of the apostle Peter located few feet away.  The exit is towards the right side of the Basilica from where it is possible to take the lift to go up to the Dome of St. Peter

Possibility to visit also the Treasure of San Pietro during the tour, buying the admission tickets on site.

This visit of St. Peter’s Basilica doesn’t include the Sistine Chapel because it is not part of it. If you want to visit the Sistine Chapel, you have to book a visit of the Vatican Museums.

visite basilique saint pierre,Saint Peter’s Basilica Basilica di San Pietro Basilique de Saint Pierre photo by Nils Unsplash
Saint Peter’s Basilica photo by Nils Unsplash

Visit of Saint Peter’s Basilica: details

No admission tickets for this visit which lasts 2 hours. It is a walking tour all made indoor, however wear comfortable shoes. In fact, we are not going to walk a lot, but to stand for the most of time. No possibility, in fact, to sit down into the church if it is not for the service. 1 toilet break only will be possible during the visit. This is the holiest place in the world, so pay attention to your dress code the day of the visit. You won’t enter the basilica, if your cloth will be deemed inconvenient (read more about this). Take a bottle of water with you, even if we’ll be indoor. We will refill it into the Basilica, at the fountain gives Holy Water.

Michelangelo’s Dome

This visit of St. Peter’s Basilica doesn’t include the rise to Michelangelo’s dome with the guide, but you can do it after the guided tour and enjoy the amazing view of Rome from there. The ticket office is located on the right side of the Basilica and costs 10€. The way up counts 551 steps, but if you take the lift, you will only have 320.

On the way up, you’ll be right at the base of the drum, 40 meters/ 120 ft above the floor of the basilica. You’ll be able to touch the splendid golden mosaic of the dome, so close you’ll be to it. The last part of the rise is inside the two shells of the dome. It’ll be narrow, but the splendid panorama from the top will repay you for the inconvenient.

2 hours Tour

9h00 – 12h00

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Super Green Pass

You must have your knees, your shoulders, back and belly covered.

Itinerary available for wheelchair users.

Itineraire en voiture

GPS Meeting Point
Piazza San Pietro, Roma, RM

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Rated 5 out of 5

Io e mio figlio abbiamo visitato la Cappella Sistina e i Musei Vaticani con Annalisa che con la sua grande professionalità, passione e pazienza ha reso questa esperienza davvero speciale.

Annalisa ha saputo rispondere a tutte le nostre domande e curiosità soprattutto a quelle di mio figlio di 11 anni. Sono sicura che grazie anche al suo prezioso aiuto porterà sempre con se’ questa bellissima esperienza a Roma.

Molto bella ed interessante è stata anche la visita alla Roma Antica con Orietta, molto brava.

Grazie davvero ad entrambe!!

Samantha e Filippo

Samantha e Filippo
Saint Peter’s Basilica Basilica di San Pietro Basilique de Saint Pierre photo by Alberico Bartoccini Unsplash
Saint Peter’s Basilica photo by Alberico Bartoccini Unsplash

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This visit of Saint Peter’s Basilica is entirely dedicated to discover the world famous temple of Christianity.

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