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Panoramic tour of Rome

Panoramic tour of Rome: looking for special views

This Rome Panoramic tour will take you to discover some beautiful panoramic views of the Eternal city. We’ll walk across the historical centre looking for corners, balconies, terraces showing amazing views over Rome and its roofs.

The best tour, if you are passionate of photography. Pictures taken from there in fact, will be truly postcards!

We’ll move up and down the famous 7 hills of Rome, take elevators for top floors of monuments and buildings. By the way, the exact program of the Rome Panoramic tour is covered by copyright! Yes, because during my life, I have been discovering nice corners, panoramic outlooks, windows with views, I want to share with you only! But don’t worry. All of them will be breath-taking!

As we’ll move from one corner to the other, of course, I’ll also show you the most famous highlight of Rome. You’ll be listening to my stories about the ancient Rome, the Roman Forum, Julius Caesar, the Colosseum, the Vittoriano, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Capitol Hill and much more. Our Rome Panoramic Tour will finish on the top of the Pincio Terrace. There, you can enjoy a well-deserved break with the best view ever. That hat is the location, in fact, of the most fascinating place in Rome: Casina Valadier.  If we’ll get there late in the afternoon, that location will be absolutely the perfect one for the most amazing sunset in Rome.

Portico di Ottavia Ghetto ebraico foto di Camelia Boban Wikimedia Commons
Jewish Ghetto of Rome, photo by Camelia Boban Wikimedia Commons

Panoramic Rome tour: details

The admission tickets we need for this tour is the one for the Vittoriano Terrace. It costs 7€, and you can buy it on site. Rome Panoramic tour lasts 3 hours. It is a walking tour, totally outdoor, so remember to wear comfortable shoes. We are going to walk for 3,5 km/ 2 ml, upon cobblestones streets and stand for the most of time. It is a very relaxing stroll, so we only need 1 short stops to rest and 1 toilet break during this visit. No dress code is needed, but take a hat and a bottle of water with you in summertime. We may refill them at the public fountains at our disposal.

For a similar visit, which plans the see the ancient Rome, choose the tour called Ancient Rome.

Vsisite guidate roma, Visita di Castel Sant'Angelo Photo by mauro-grazzi-7rG1Ab7y7eE-unsplash
Castel Sant’Angelo, photo by Mauro Grazzi Unsplash

3 hours Tour

9h00 – 12h00

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Comfortable cloths and shoes, a bottle of water in summertime

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GPS Meeting Point
Via IV Novembre, 94, Roma, RM

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Rated 5 out of 5

We did the Full day tour, 10 highlights of Rome. Firstly, we did the tour at the colosseum, roman forum, Trevi, Campidoglio, forum of Trajan, and finished at Spagna. Ana Liza was lovely and give it a personal touch which we liked and we really enjoyed.

After that, we went to the Vatican, taking the roman subway only because our guide who knows well the system. We didn’t rush to get over there and we had even time make a break. We had lunch in fact, with an amazing tiramisu. Ana Liza propose us several dishes: pasta, pizza, gelato, but we chose tiramisu that was really unforgettable.

Other good thing was we could refill our water bottles throughout the day at public fountains. That day in fat, was a hot and dry day and there was a lot of walking. There was one toilet break during colosseum tour and two during the Vatican tour which is handy as it’s a full day tour. However, we had a great experience and would highly recommend.

Imma Basoles
Campo de' Fiori, Roma photo by trolvag Wikimedia Commons
Campo de' Fiori Market, photo by trolvag Wikimedia Commons

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This Rome Panoramic tour will take you to discover some beautiful panoramic views of the Eternal city. We’ll walk across the historical centre looking for corners, balconies, terraces showing amazing views over Rome and its roofs.

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